What does the enamelware production process look like?

Issuing time:2019-12-19 15:13

Hey ,home appliances:

In our daily life, enamelware is everywhere. But how many guys knew the process very well , Today let's share it.



Firstly the carbon steel material is cut into separate rings. It is then pressed at high pressure to form the

body of the products what you want made . The metal parts such as the handles or rims are then taken and welded together to complete the metal form…


2 Enameling

The second part of enameling is where your design really comes to life! This is where the dish gets some color. This gives the product its required aesthetic and practical attributes. Should the inner and outer colors of the product differ, we firstly apply the inner coat. After drying, we apply a special enamel to the rim. It is specifically made to protect this area and needs to be especially durable. The product is then fired once more, before another rigorous inspection (we want to ensure all high standards of production are met).


3,Printing decal

After all of this, we can begin to decorate the product. Decoration is also a time-consuming process. At first the ceramic decal is applied by hands. Then it has to be dried and fired at very high temperatures (once again!) before, of course…. Yes – you guessed it! It is inspected again!


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